GPMDP: The Best Google Play Music Client for Linux

Google Play Music Desktop Player is an Open Source electron replica of Google Play Music except it is more awesome.

It features integration, requires fewer resources than its web counterpart (making it lightweight); has no need for flash because it is HTML5 based, and is presently experimenting to add a hands-free voice control feature!

GPMDP also integrates nicely with the Linux desktop as it runs smoothly and minimizes to tray like a native app (by default), when you close it and features a responsive mini player.

Google Music Player

It was created by an 18-year-old Samuel Attard out of love for Open Source and he says this is one of the means to give back to the Open Source community. Having said that, expect to see many improvements to GPMDP down the line.

Features in Google Play Music Desktop Player

  • Customizable built-in equalizer for audio
  • Audio output device options
  • Simple and nicely-designed mini player
  • Native desktop notifications
  • support with now playing and scrobbling features
  • HTML5-based. No need for Adobe Flash Player
  • Customizable media key support. Use media keys or create custom shortcuts if you don’t have any
  • UI customization: Set the dark theme to your taste
  • Customize almost everything
  • Interface with external apps like Rainmeter
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GPMDP has made it to 1,589,800 downloads since its first release which is evidence of its spectacular performance.

I understand that some people are fed up with Electron apps but hey, can’t deny that Electron provides an avenue for awesome apps like this.

Download Google Music Player

For other Linux distributions, you can download and install using source code from the GitHub repository:

Download Google Music Player Source Code

Anyway, what’s your opinion on GPMDP? Will it be replacing your Google Play Music any time soon? Or maybe it isn’t better than your current music player app; let us know in the comments below.

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