The Perfect Eye Candy Theme for Linux: Flat Remix Icons Theme

Flat Remix is like Numix Icons ; a combination of an Icon set and a complementing theme.

The theme is derived from Paper Theme , Numix-Circle icon, EvoPop, and Ultra-Flat-Icons.

Its design has an emphasis on depths using gradients and shadows which give its glossy look. Even though it was designed specifically for gnome-shell 3.22, you can use it without worries on virtually all Linux distros, desktops, and gnome-shell versions later than 3.16.

Flat Remix Theme

Flat Remix Icons

Installing Flat Remix Icons

Do a quick installation via your terminal:

$ cd /tmp$ git clone$ mkdir -p ~/.icons$ mv "Flat-Remix/Flat Remix" ~/.icons

Installing Flat Remix Theme

Install via your terminal:

$ cd /tmp$ git clone$ mkdir -p ~/.themes$ mv "Flat-Remix-GNOME-theme/Flat Remix" ~/.themes

Again goes another icon theme to add to a now piling list of beautiful themes for Linux such as Flat-Plat Theme and Oranchelo Theme .

Do you have any suggestions that you’ll like me to check out? Let us know in the comments section.

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